How and where to buy Bitcoins

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For several years, bitcoins have been gaining popularity and becoming a customary means for mutual settlements. They are a good alternative to conventional money.

At the same time, a rapid and constant rise in the price of bitcoin is seen. Therefore, investing in the purchase of bitcoins after a while can bring good profits. By publishing this article, I want to tell you in detail about simple and profitable options for buying bitcoin. If you are already burning with the desire to buy crypto-currencies, then, after reading the article to the end, find out where and how to buy bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin

For those who do not know, I want to tell you briefly what bitcoin is. Back in 2009, the entire digital world with “horror” found out about the appearance of a new crypto currency bitcoin (BTC). And beginning in 2010, this digital currency began to be used as a means of payment. Bitcoins are produced in a limited number, and if necessary, they use complex mathematical calculations. To date, having this crypto currency at its disposal, it is possible to earn good money on it, invest and buy goods in ordinary retail outlets.

With the help of special computer programs, a complex calculation of new bitcoins is carried out, and over time it is necessary to constantly increase the computing power for this. Initially, for the production of bitcoins, you could use your home computer with profit. And at this time for these purposes requires the availability of powerful computing systems.

Year after year, the resource-intensive output of bitcoins will only increase. Already now we have come to the conclusion that closer to 2031 their emission will be completely stopped. And it depends not on the human factor, but on nature itself, that is, the mathematical model of bitcoin.

For this reason, most likely, the popularity of bitcoins is growing, and hence the constant growth of their value. This is comparable to the price of a popular, but scarce commodity.

Storage of bitcoins

Bitcoins are nothing more than a digital currency. For their use and storage there are electronic purses. Moreover, at this time there is a unique opportunity to bind an electronic purse with bitcoins to an ordinary bankcard such as Mastercard, Visa.

There are several ways to take your wallet. To create a web-purse, there are special authorized sites. This operation is painless, quite quick and clear. Similar principle of work is shared by other payment systems.

There are also special programs available that have wallet functions, for example – Coin.Spaice (especially for mobile terminals running Android, Windows Phone and iOS), BitGo, or Bitcoin Core. But to make transactions using any of these programs, you need access to the Internet. By a similar principle, the WebMoney payment system operates using the Keeper program.

Users have different preferences for working with a web purse: someone likes to work with them directly, and someone for this business uses programs. The best authorized web wallet is considered to be BlockChain, since it is the most secure and convenient.

What is a bitcoin wallet?

Each bitcoin-wallet has its own unique number assigned. It is also called bitcoin address. But it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. Now I will explain and show you what your bitcoin address will look like.

It does not matter where you got your bitcoin purse, its address will look invariable: it’s 30-34 letters in the Latin alphabet and numbers.

This will look like your bitcoin address: 1KCWzyAv8AQy3Lu3cmpP932mBgLuVKyjPm

Usually the bitcoin address is used as payment requisites. For someone to transfer funds to your account, you only need to specify this number. It can be compared to the bank card number, only with an amendment to use for bitcoin.

You should pay attention to the difference between the bitcoin address and the login used to enter the bitcoin wallet. Quite often cases when users are confused in these numbers and indicate instead of login bitcoin address. In this case, the payment will not work.

After visiting the home page of your bitcoin purse, you will also find your bitcoin address there. In the purse itself there is nothing complicated, there are no excesses. Just the presence of a balance, bitcoin addresses and buttons for making payments and transfers.

At the top of the screen there is information about the current bitcoin rate, relative to the dollar. For convenience on the balance of the wallet the amount is indicated not only in bitcoins, but also in dollars at the current rate.

Purchase of bitcoins

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